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2008-12-07 09:53:44 by FernandoDrechsler

Hello to all, I am Fernando Drechsler, trying, with the best of my abilities, reach some sort of peak in PC music production. I've been working on my own with Fruity Loops Studio for almost 3 years now (Yes, there seem to be better programs on the market, but FL is quite easy to use, and I can make most things I want with ease), and, compared to my initial results, the ones that will come out lately are actually pretty good.

I've always tried to be excelent in my music production, but that excelency hasn't reached my musics yet. They are quite good, after these years, I can say as much, but aren't perfect. So I'll keep working as hard as I can to improve myself and, subsequentialy, my songs...

First post on this place


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2008-12-08 22:56:13

It's always good to have more talent on the site :D
You seem pretty serious about music production judging from your picture hahaha.